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"I just had a Cerac, a crown in the same day, no awful temporary, so easy and convenient, it was great"

Donna Porfilio
Springfield, MA



"I decided to invest in braces after years of feeling self conscious of my smile. Invisalign was my first choice for braces because the convenience of removing them for meals and because no one can tell you are wearing braces. Over the course of a few weeks I began noticing changes in my smile and I began to feel more confident. The process was easy and I experienced minimum amounts of pain. I would highly recommend invisalign for anyone who is considering braces, it has made a difference in my life and I know it can do the same for others."

Elizabeth Olson
Springfield, MA


"The crowns on my upper teeth have changed the way I feel about myself. Now, I can smile with confidence! Nt teeth have never looked so good".

Jack Bussolari
Longmeadow, MA




"I went to a dentist closer to home, and it was horrible, then I heard about you and even though the ride was longer it was so worth it, now my entire family comes to you for over 10 years"

Rita Agibalov
Westfield, MA



" I had to have some of my teeth extracted for braces. "It was easy, I did not feel a thing". "I love my dentist".

David Giang
Age 12
Springfield, MA



" I am delighted with my implants. Working with Dr. Elfman and his wonderful staff has been a very positive experience -- everything state of the art. I can smile again!"

George Evans
Longmeadow, MA

"I was really nervous about replacing my front discolored tooth, but I'm glad I did. It looks great."

Amparo Martine
Chicopee, MA 


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